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Drafting Plugins

Vectorworks 2017 now ships with the Vision plug-ins already installed. No need to download the plugins separately. Currently, Vision provides plugins for the latest 2 version of Vectorworks Spotlight and Autodesk 3D Studio MAX. Once downloaded and installed, you have all the necessary libraries and interfaces needed to create your model using Vectorworks or MAX software and export it for Vision use. Drafting plugins are available at no charge to you.

For those of you that prefer the MAC environment, you can easily create your Vision-ready models using Vectorworks Spotlight for the MAC. Simply download and install the Vectorworks plugins for MAC OSX HERE. Once installed, you will have all Vision fixture libraries, symbols and plugins needed to create a Vision file.

Windows users can install plugins for 3D Studio Max or the Windows version of Vectorworks Spotlight by downloading the installer from here. Due to the cross-platform nature of all Vision products, any file created by any means on any platform can be opened by Vision running on any platform. That means you can create a Vision file using 3D Studio Max on the PC and open it in Vision on the MAC. Or you may wish to create your file using Vectorworks on the MAC for use with Vision's PC applications. This added flexibility allows each individual in the design process to use the tools with which they are most comfortable without concern as to how this might impact others in the design process!