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Vision is the most advanced lighting previsualization software product available for both PC and Mac operating systems. With the most recent release, Vision users are able to previz their shows with a whole new realism. As always, Vision fixture libraries are among the most accurate in the industry. Our integration with drafting software, media servers and lighting consoles is the perfect combination needed for the modern lighting designer to professionally perform their duties with the utmost creativity and efficiency.

By providing Vision Plugins for Vectorworks® Spotlight software and Autodesk 3D Studio Max, designers draft their model once, using a tool with which they are already comfortable without duplication of effort. Instead of creating your model in a proprietary "VisionCAD" modeling product, we have partnered with the two most popular drafting tools within the lighting community. Create your model, then using our plugins drop your fixture symbols directly into your Max or Vectorworks Spotlight model, set position, patch and export for use in Vision.

For Vectorworks Spotlight users, we provide a complete Symbol library for use in your Resource Browser. The Vision Plugins for Vectorworks Spotlight share common data, such as Unit Number, Universe and Channel, so the information only need be entered once. Not only does this information carry into Vision, but it is also displayed in Vectorworks 2D plots and Legends. In the Edit Vision Data plugin, users can change the "stock" colors/gobos, and add attachments, as well. All standard Vectorworks Spotlight features, such as Number Instruments, Find and Modify, and Replace Instruments are fully functional when creating your Vision-ready file.

Anyone using 3D Studio Max to construct their Vision model will find a complete set of Utilities designed specifically for use by lighting professionals. Since Max wasn't purpose-built for the lighting industry, we have added Light Insertion, Mass Modify, Replace and Patch Utilities to streamline the creation of Vision models. Max accesses all of the Vision libraries directly, for insertion in the model. Once completed, simply export the file using our Export Utility directly to Vision. In addition to exporting the geometry, design and lighting fixtures, the Exporter also collects all of the used textures and materials and copies them into the Vision texture folders.

Once the model is complete, control your lighting fixtures via DMX, integrate media servers and even moving truss and set pieces, so you can pre-cue your entire concert, trade show booth, broadcast, corporate or theater event. And with Vision PR, you can create high-resolution, high-quality renders for use in marketing and proof of concept.

Vision's competitive pricing strategy allows end users to purchase the number of universes of control necessary, without penalizing you later. If you need 4 universes today, we allow you the option to purchase 4 today... and add more down the road as your business needs and project sizes grow. Vision is the only product of its kind sold in this manner.

And finally, the support that you can expect from Vision is without reservation the best in the industry. Ask anyone!! We provide access to telephone support, live chat with a support agent, Forums, FAQs, and even a Fixture Request page when you need that oddball fixture that someone threw into the mix at the last minute. Licensed users get all this PLUS any software and library updates at no additional charge during the first year of software license. After that, you can purchase an Annual Subscription that keeps you up to date with all things Vision, as well as access to our Support Desk.