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ESP Vision is Now a Part of Vectorworks, Inc.

For the last 10 years, designers who use Vectorworks Spotlight modeling software with ESP Vision products have been exporting 2D and 3D scenic geometry, textures and lighting data from Spotlight to cue and visualize award-winning experiences in Vision. Vectorworks, Inc.'s acquisition creates a path to further enable such workflow collaboration.

"This purchase fortifies Vectorworks' global market leadership position and signals our continuous commitment to the entertainment design industry at a time when visualization capabilities are becoming a more mission-critical, cost-effective means of cueing a show in advance," said Stewart Rom, Vectorworks' chief marketing officer. "Bringing Vision into the Vectorworks product portfolio places the integration of its pre-visualization capabilities on the Spotlight software roadmap."

Vision Pro software is the most technologically advanced lighting pre-visualization software available on the planet. Any lighting project will benefit from Vision Pro's real-time capabilities, giving the lighting designer the tools necessary to pre-program the show before arriving at the venue. This process will reduce stress, on-site time, and production costs while nurturing creativity.

With advancing technology and diminishing budgets, the modern lighting professional is tasked with more complexity in their designs and less time to make it happen. It is for this reason that so many have chosen Vision Pro software to previsualize their shows. With the ever-changing world of lighting consoles, media servers, video components and moving sets, being creative often seems at the bottom of the list of priorities. Vision Pro allows you the time to organize and previz your show in advance.

While it is true that most people think of concert touring when they think of previsualization, Vision Pro software has become a critical component for almost every lighting project, whether concert, trade show booth, broadcast, corporate or theater event.

Architainment (the use of architectural lighting for entertainment purposes) has expanded the possible uses for Vision Pro software to new heights (no pun intended).

Creating a lighting model is a SNAP with Vision Plugins. Each purpose-built plugin is designed to streamline the modeling process, whether you use Vectorwork® Spotlight or Autodesk's 3D Studio Max. Vectorworks Spotlight users have the added flexibility of selecting plugins for their MAC or Windows version.

While each fixture's standard personality traits are assumed, the Vision Plugins also allow the end-user to customize colors, gobos, lenses, lamps, or any other variable of the fixture. All fixture functions, such as gobo and color wheel rolls, prism effects, beam angles, head speeds, gobo and color wheel rotation speeds and beam photometric data have been carefully reviewed for accuracy. Each library item is also reality-checked against the actual fixture for accuracy ensuring that your live event will look just like you imagined.

Now that you understand what Vision Pro can do, why don't you give it a try? Download the Vision Demo. Available on both MAC and Windows operating systems, Vision Demo is one of the only cross-platform products of its kind on the market today. Go to the Vision Demo page to find system requirements and restrictions.

Finally, our pricing and support strategy are designed with you in mind. You can purchase the number of universes you need, without penalty should you need to expand later. Furthermore, the Vision Pro Support Desk is designed to get you answers at first contact. Whether by phone, email, LiveChat or Forum, we pride outselves on answering your questions right the FIRST time.

Still not convinced? Check out some customer projects with the link to the left. You can also always CONTACT US with any specific questions.