ESP Vision

Preferred Vision Providers

The following list of companies have qualified as Preferred Vision Providers by maintaining a high level of proficiency in lighting previsualization using Vision products, operating Vision previz studios and/or mobile units, and having multiple Unlimited licenses available for client use in projects. The companies listed have also established themselves as the premiere Vision resource in their field of expertise. You can count on quality service by contacting any of the companies listed below:

United States

ESP Studios, Inc.

6320 S. Sandhill Rd., Suite 1

Las Vegas, NV 89120


+1 702 551 0910 office

Prelite SF

12 Paramon Way, Suite 2

Novato, CA 94949


+1 415 883 7727 office


821 Park Avenue

Sycamore, IL 60178


+1 815 899 9888 office